David McCollum

A native of the Reidsville area, David McCollum is the President of Applied Roofing Solutions, Inc. He started the company in November, 2011, after almost 25 years of of being the Operations Manager at a local roofing company. His experience and expertise in the commercial roofing field are second to none.

Schedule an appointment with David for your free roofing estimate at (336) 972-8879 or by email [email protected].


Aaron McCollum

A Stoneville native, Aaron McCollum is currently a Project Manager at Applied Roofing Solutions. Prior to his office position at Applied Roofing, Aaron spent summers off from college working on the roof, learning about everything that went into a quality project. Aaron is eager to build relationships and work with all of our customers on all their roofing needs.

Schedule an appointment with Aaron for your free roofing estimate at (336) 394-4607 or

by email [email protected]